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Audit - Tax - Corporate Advisory Firm

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Kirit K. Mehta & Co. | Unmesh Mehta & Co.

We are a 60 year old firm of chartered accountants founded in 1960. The firm has ‘Integrity, Excellence and Values’ as its work ethos.

  • We believe there's a vast difference between 'delivering a service' and 'delivering value'.

  • We understand that the world is converging into a single global entity, technology is blurring the lines between geographies, services and solutions.

  • In this era of a flat, borderless world, we are committed to go beyond ‘service’ into ‘value addition’ in the true sense of the word.

  • We understand not just what our clients want, but what their business needs; to meet not just the immediate requirements, but providing long term solutions; to not just be reactive to client needs but being proactive to solve their future issues.


We have come far, but still a long way to go


Our leaders

Our leaders have been the force that gives dynamism and energy to the firm and guides it on the path of progress on the strong foundation of values.

CA. Kiritkumar K. Mehta

Senior Partner |, FCA

CA. Unmesh K. Mehta

Senior Partner |, LLB, FCA, DISA(ICAI)

CA. Naman Mehta

Partner | B.Com., ACA

Experience of

3 Generations

Experience and Expertise meets Energy and Enthusiasm


Our team

Driven by a passion for quality and bedrock of professional integrity, our people are our most valuable asset. They are the source of service that exemplifies value to the clients.

Our people are the personification of our core values, for them, providing high quality services and delivering value to the client is first and foremost. We believe in nurturing a knowledge base that enables us to deliver premium value. All our team members are exposed to extensive & continuous learning and development process to make them the best in class. Our team is a combination of young and dynamic team of qualified members and seniors & experienced professionals.

At our organisation, people have the opportunity to grow and thrive along a career path that is determined by your own hard work and passion. We are a learning organisation – where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire; where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured; where collective aspiration is set free; where study and group discussion are a regular feature. Here every team member is given opportunity to build his confidence and skills.

At our organisation, our leaders have a penchant for learning and constant improvement. They mentor their team members to achieve personal mastery and build team-learning, all of which brings out the best in them.

The principle of collaborative growth stands strong and proud. We grow only when our people grow.

We believe in building relations for a lifetime and our alumni are proud to have worked in our organisation.

Career at our organization